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You're just an earthling, you aint neva been to Trippy's World

Hello! and Welcome :}

Here at Trippy Queen Confections I pride myself on making delicious edibles THAT WORK! I am a proud student of Google University and do not consider myself in no way an expert but I do my best at researching and trying to perfect my craft. I've been blessed to be able to turn my hobby into a business. Now, I want to share what I know so you can bake, cook, infuse and create, from home.

So join me, as I share with you different ways to infuse, including my own personal favorite method. Learn why decarbing is important, why you should listen to your tolerance, how to calculate proper dosing and more

I'll also be sharing different recipes, some simple ones, and others not as much.

Wanna learn how to make rice for dinner? No problem!

Wanna learn how to make rice for your favorite stoners dinner party to get everyone litt? I got you on that too!

Not really into making your own? No worries. Email or DM us and let us know what you're interested in. We'll take it from there.

So, Follow, Like, Subscribe .... all that good stuff.

And have fun creating #TheTrippyQueenWay




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