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Trippy's Bday Celebration Customer Appreciation Sale

Usually, I HATE my birthday. Honestly, I usually hate anything that brings attention to me. Depression, anxiety and imposter syndrome try so hard to run my life so it’s difficult for me to enjoy a day meant to celebrate me.

This year, im trynna change that. Im at the healing stage of this life and at my big age, im learning that it is ok to be confident without feeling like im doin too much. Ive come a long way and im allowed to acknowledge that without feeling guilty. And im blessed to have family, friends, and supporters who never hesitate to let me know how amazing they think I am, even if I cant see that myself.

So If you’ve ever supported me in any way, shape or form, let me say THANK YOU! You are what keeps this operation goin. Some of ya have been riding this out with me since the beginning. Since before I knew wtf I was doin (and trust me, im still learning) And ya have no idea how much that means to me. Ya have no idea how much each and every order ya send my way keeps me goin. Theres been moments where life has knocked me down and I’ve felt like just staying down, but with supportive clients like the ones I have, theres no time to stay down. I have to get up and get shit done. & not only have ya gotten me through some bad times, ya have also been there for some great moments. From selling out almost immediately, to joining me at fun events, to trusting me with ya Birthdays, Anniversaries or Wedding cakes. Ive met some beautiful people, some assholes and made friends that have turned into family. For that, I am grateful.

So on this November, I want ya to celebrate with me. And its also Turkey Day month so I know ya gonna need them cakes, pies and coquitos at your table. So lets start this off with a TRIPPY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SALE. & In onor of ya, lets bring back those 2016 PRICES with our 2022 POTENCY


Have Fun

And remember

When you wanna commune with your inner hippy, all you got to do, is hit up Trippy 🍃

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